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Single mother, diabetic, living with an eating disorder. These are the basics but not the most important things about me. Love science, reading and talking to people. I have an amazing family and beautiful friends. I am lucky.

So today I tried to help someone and I have no idea if it did any good…

So today I spent some time with a young girl who is in the EXACT same place I was in a year ago  – and I have no idea if I helped in any way. This amazing, ,beautiful, funny, smart … Continue reading

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Why don’t we have something like this here? – NZ still misunderstands Mental Illness

So last week was Mental Health Awareness week and for me it really highlighted just how UNAWARE of Mental Illness we are in NZ and how prevalent it is. The Mental Health Foundation launched and advertised the icky “Life’s a … Continue reading

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This week in Sarah’s Life: A Science Experiment

NOTE: I do NOT recommend this course of action in general. Reducing/stopping prescribed, mid to long term medication without consulting a health professional can be VERY dangerous. This is especially true of medications effecting the brain/mood. It is not always possible to predict how a … Continue reading

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In Honour of Mental Health Awareness Week

I haven’t blogged for a while – the main reason being I am still waiting for my new glasses and being on the computer gives me a headache – but, as it’s Mental Health Awareness week, I thought I’d better … Continue reading

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That’s What Friends Are For.

No matter who you are, it’s never easy to ask for help. Even as children most of us have a problem with it – most of us would rather show how independent we are than to admit we’re struggling – … Continue reading

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This Book and Me: Overcoming Childhood Trauma

(NOTE: This post is relevant to anyone who has issues with negative thought processes/self esteem/anxiety/depression/addiction – basically anyone who could use a little CBT.  The book, and I, would never presume to say that these issues and thought processes are only relevant … Continue reading

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Origin of guilt – childhood trauma

This is the hardest thing i will EVER write. If you’re reading this it’s probably going to be pretty hard on you too.  In fact, some of you will probably want to stop reading right here – triggers in this … Continue reading

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